Special Offer for New Students: $29.95 2 week OR $49.95 for 1 Month Unlimited*

Hot Yoga of Delray HAPPENINGS...


On Mar 28th Delray has continued the order: All "Non-Essential" business in Delray are ordered to close  including Yoga Studios - though some might argue otherwise ;-) 

We care about everyone's safety and are cooperating with all mandates...

Continue to check back this space for updates....

About HYOD


Our Philosophy

Promotions & Pricing

Promotions & Pricing

Hot Yoga of Delray was created by studio director Jane Schreier. Jane came from a very successful and busy career in sales, but her passion for yoga, health and wellness, led her to open a very welcoming studio where everyone is encouraged to practice at their own level.  Along with her hand-picked Studio Staff, they guide students at ALL LEVELS.  Come try a class and find out how it can enhance or even change your life.


Promotions & Pricing

Promotions & Pricing

Promotions & Pricing

Class Drop-ins: $19.  

Click on PRICING tab for packages with additional cost savings.

Introductory offer: 

2-WEEKS of UNLIMITED YOGA for local new students just $29.95 


1-Month for $49.95*

*Open to Local Residents only 

1 time only (choose at time of purchase)


All Are Welcome!

You asked - We Listened!

You asked - We Listened!

For Beginners & Travelers 

mat & towel rentals just $2 ea.

Right in the heart of Delray, check out our beautiful new studio.


You asked - We Listened!

You asked - We Listened!

You asked - We Listened!

Thanks to all helping us grow...

We now have: 

6am M/W/F +  7pm Mon - Thurs


 Individual & Group Private Instruction 

Sanitary Flooring - no carpeting!  

Fresh & clean studio...

Private unisex showers...  

A welcoming atmosphere...

All of our classes are for all levels....

Instructors guide you through your practice at the level appropriate for you. Regardless of experience, please remember... Just as in life, not everyday will be the same. Always listen to the inner wisdom of your body... 

Class Descriptions

  •  HOT FIXED: A fixed routine of 26 poses (most done twice) to gain strength, balance,  flexibility and improve circulation. Room is heated to +100 F to aid in  flexibility and decrease straining tight muscles. A wonderful routine for aiding those on a weight loss journey! 
  • HOT FLOW:  Hot Flow utilizes the heat to aid your flexibility as you simultaneously  stretch and strengthen muscles throughout the body. Instructors choose  postures to create their own routine and set the pace of the class.  Regardless of Instructor, a flow class is a great tool for gaining and  maintaining one's balance as you graduate from one asana into the next.
  • VINYASA: A continuous flow of poses that connect the mind, body, and spirit by  linking movement to breath. The room is heated (as appropriate based on  humidity, class  size, intensity). Poses are instructor's preference.  (Beginners always offered alternatives to extreme poses).  
  • POWER VINYASA: same as VINYASA with an emphasis on the more intense poses - condensed into a 60 mins. routine
  • COREFIT FLOW: A low-impact routine designed to help you get stronger, more agile, toned and body confident. But don’t be fooled… “Low Impact” does not mean low effort!  It refers to a routine that refrains from the bouncing, jumping, and other movements that can put excessive pressure on the joints in an effort to reduce the risk of injury. 


HOWEVER - If you choose to Book - PLEASE NOTE:

Below our schdule is FIND A CLASS- our MINDBODY pop-up...

If you Book & all you see is Grey - just scroll down to find it

class schedule - no classes by city order until @ least apri


 6:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed

 9:30am (75 mins) CoreFit Flow

11:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed

12:30pm (60 mins) Power Hour Vinyasa

 5:00pm (75 mins) Vinyasa

 7:00pm (75 mins) Hot Fixed


  8:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed 

10:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed

12:30pm (60 mins) Power Hour Vinyasa

 5:00pm (75 mins) CoreFit Flow

 7:00pm (75 mins)  Hot Fixed


 6:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed 

 9:30am (75 mins)  Vinyasa

11:00am (75 mins)  Hot Fixed 

12:30pm (60 mins)  Power Hour Vinyasa

 5:00pm (75 mins)  Hot Flow

 7:00pm (75 mins)  Hot Fixed


 8:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed 

10:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed

12:30pm (60 mins) Power Hour Vinyasa

 5:00pm (75 mins)  Vinyasa

 7:00pm (75 mins)  Hot Fixed


 6:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed 

 9:30am (75 mins) Vinyasa

11:00am (75 mins) Hot Fixed 

12:30pm (60 mins) Power Hour Vinyasa 

  5:00pm (75 mins) Hot Flow


  9:30am (75 mins) Hot Fixed

12:30pm (60 mins) Power Hour Vinyasa 

  5:00pm (75 mins)  Hot Fixed


 9:30am (75 mins)  Hot Fixed

12:30pm (60 mins) Power Hour Vinyasa 

  5:00pm (75 mins) Hot Fixed

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Hot Yoga of Delray

600 N. Congress Ave - Suite 220, Delray Beach, Florida 33445, United States

(561) 266-2075

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